Still not dead!

Yeah, so, um…

That break was a little longer than I thought it would be.

In my defense, there were two cons (one working, one just attending), a move, an exploding air conditioner, emergency goldfish first aid (twice!), travel, A HUGE dementor (NO, spell check, I did not mean denouement) attack, a relative with seriously declining health, two Halloweens (very likely a bigger deal than at your house; we had 4000 trick-or-treaters last week), a dear kitty that crossed the rainbow bridge, a graduation (which involved travel), fairs, both state and Renaissiance (which were 4 states away, so, travel), an indoor (unintentional) waterfall, more travel, and…

You know, that’s not a list of excuses, that’s just life.

I still have been seeing plays, both by Shakespeare and and others, and I still have a lot to say about them.  Since I last saw you I have seen Henry V, two King Lears, the Cumberbatch/Miller Frankensteins, Big Fish, (great movie, not so great musical), The Music Man, Chicago Shakes’ utterly fantastic The Tempest, and the Cumberbatch Hamlet.  And Alton Brown’s live show, which isn’t a play, but is hysterically funny.  I highly recommend it.

I still haven’t watched Throne of Blood.  And I still haven’t figured out quite what I want to say about Macbeth’s witches. but I will get back to it.  I just need to carve out time to do it.

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One Response to Still not dead!

  1. Anna Marie says:

    I’m still following! Glad you’re back!

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