What (I think) I know about Macbeth.

I have never read or seen a  performance of Macbeth.  I really don’t know how I have managed to avoid it all these years; perhaps it is a result of my general aversion to the tragedies.  Anyway,  before I get into it, I thought I would list what I think I know about the play just from cultural references:

  • 3 witches
  • bubble bubble, toil and trouble, something burn and cauldron bubble
  • Evil Lady Macbeth
  • Out, out, damn spot
  • Burnham (?) wood — something about it moving?
  • I think there is someone called Duncan
  • The Scottish Play

That’s all I can dredge up for now.  It will be interesting to see it any of it is correct.

ETA, I just remembered “Lead on, Macduff.”  The funny thing is, I know most of these from teen literature from the 1950s.

No, I am not that old.  I just have weird taste in books.


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